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I'm having a few issues and could do with some pointers, please.

1.  I have created an animation that has 11 groups that move, each with it's own keyframe animation.  It has been working fine but then suddenly seems to have forgotten all the animated aspects.  When I press play the scenes tick by but nothing moves.  Nothing happens when I try to set the view for any of the scenes and it seems as though the animation is now somehow empty.  I took a screen capture video of it working, went back in, tweaked the number of scenes and it worked fine.  Going back to it later, the above has happened and everything (except the list of animations) has been lost.

2.  Is it possible to edit the points on a path once drawn?  I'm finding drawing a path exactly where I want it very tricky.  

3.  Are there differences between the free trial and the purchased extension?  I'm working in the free trail and finding it extremely buggy.  I think there must be a problem as it'd be almost impossible to create the animations I have seen in the directional videos with it functioning how it does now.  It won't reliably remember animations, set views etc.  Is this down to a free trial issue?  I'm working on SketchUp Pro 2015 15.3.329.  On paper this extension should do everything I need and I'll happily purchase the full version as long as it'll work more smoothly than the trail.

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