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I've been having a similiar problem when creating scenes. I lose my camera path and the some of the paths are "off" for lack of a better word.

Here's the fix I've found that actualy works.

1. Check your layers tab. you'll see that you have (at least) two layers; one for your model and one for all the animation paths.
2. Activate the top layer (with your model in it) and make all other layers visible.
3. in the SU viewport: select everything and move it all to the model layer (right click -> entity info->select layer). You may have to open some objects or groups to select the object itself.
4. check that everything has been moved to the top layer by selecting the animation layer and uncheck the top layer your screen should be blank. if not move anything still left to the top layer.
5. Delete the now empty layer, save your model under a different name and create scenes.
6. check that all the animation has been successfuly translated into scenes.
7. select everything you don't want in your animation and right click "hide".
8. in the scenes tab select all scenes (shift), hit the update tab and check "hidden geometry" only!
9. That's it![smile]

(you may want to save your model before these steps, depending on your needs)

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Jay!!
David Wayne
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