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I just started using SU Animate..and so I have this large college campus model done in sketchup 7 and I am trying to create a path animation at human eye level.. i am struggling despite reading and listening to most video tutorials.

Can you kindly help with the following:
1. Everytime i draw the polyline motion path, the lines tend to snap to the nearest objects in the model, in the end, I dont have a path on the same height, which is wot i want (all points along the path to be human eye level)

2. My animation preview when i play it is very jerky and slow..How cn I improve on this..I want a smooth animation tht feel natural.. My model file size is 27MB at the moment. Please help.. I am using an 17 processor and a dedicated graphics processor on my laptop often capable of handling large processing demands..

3. How do i make the animation go in perspective mode?? my current animation preview is not exactly in erspective mode..anything i need to do.


4.Finally, just how do i make the path animation polyline be at human eye level..which is probably the most realistic, right??

please help..I urgently need help..and yes i hve been thru those tutorials, and i just cnt seem to get around folks..


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this is the model plan, just to give you a idea of how big my project client hopes to have a couple minutes fly through around the campus and sports park etc.. any extra tips would also help..

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You might use the SU Grid to get the path on a horizontal plane.   It's free with SU Animate and comes installed in it.  Right click on the ground plane and click on Construction Grid to crate a line grid at some interval above the ground.
Preview - jerky.  You probably need more frames. 
SU Animate is in perspective.  Do you mean 2pt perspective?  it does not support that.
Eye level - make sure the Sketchup camera (your eye) is eye level.  If you are animating the camera, why not use the Key frame animation?

David Wayne
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